Dec. 16. Various Meditations of the Psalmist

Ps. 119:1-72

This psalm consists of a series of thoughts regarding the joyful blessings that come to both old and young from obedience to God’s word. One must seek God and His word in order to be informed of the proper way to follow Him. After finding the way, it is necessary to continue to concentrate upon keeping it. The psalmist realized that he needed God to help him to understand and keep His word. He also needed assistance in removing evil from his life. After learning God’s way, the writer promised to keep and to walk in it. However, it is not enough to only walk in His way, it is needful to be able to answer those who would persecute us or desire to know how to obtain that same hope. When one is persecuted, he can take comfort in knowing of the hope that he has through God’s word. A faithful follower of God is grieved when others refuse to obey His commands. No one can have complete knowledge of His word without continuous study and teaching. When we suffer afflictions as God’s children, we must remember that hardship brings strength to endure and that His word is priceless.