Dec. 18. More Meditations

Ps. 119:113-144

As the psalmist continued his meditations, he expressed his dislike for double-mindedness. He proclaimed his love of God’s law and his commitment to its obedience. Many years later, Jesus called double-minded people hypocrites and expressed the same disdain. They are play actors pretending to be righteous when they are actually living in sin. Hypocrites may deceive others, but in the end, they will be rejected by God.

The psalmist praised God for His eternal righteousness and recognized his own limitations. He plead to God to reward his righteousness with protection from his oppressors. One may think that he has full knowledge of God’s laws, but he needs to continue to seek the treasure of new understanding. He prayed further that God would direct his steps by His word. Without the light of His word, man is an aimless wanderer seeking, but not finding. A righteous person grieves because others do not keep the law. “Give me understanding, and I shall live.”