Dec. 19. Jesus, the Son of God Comes into the World; Lives Among Men

According to God’s plan and timing, He sent Jesus into the world. The laws of nature demand the union of a man and a woman to produce another person. However, the Son of God was conceived through the union of the Holy Spirit with a virgin, Mary (Mt. 1:18).

The Son of God was born and grew up as the son of a carpenter. After about thirty years, He was baptized and began His ministry to the Jews. He selected twelve men to be apostles to help Him with His ministry and to train for their future mission.

Jesus performed many miracles during the next three years. During that time, He preached that the kingdom of heaven was at hand/coming soon (Mt. 4:17; Mk. 1:14, 15). He was trying to prepare the Jews to accept His kingdom, the church.

Unfortunately, the Jews were expecting someone more special than a carpenter from the disrespected city of Nazareth. Even after seeing His miracles and hearing His teaching, they rejected Jesus as an imposter. They were looking for a king to sit on an earthly throne of David and free them from Roman oppression. Instead, Jesus spoke of a spiritual kingdom. We know that kingdom as the church.