Dec. 23. Reformation Attempted; Restoration Movement Follows

After a period of hundreds of years, men began to revolt against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and began trying to reform the church. This is known as the Reformation Movement. That was a great movement, but in trying to reform the church, they began to organize denominations. Thus, we have the Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists and many other denominations dotting the religious landscape today.

Denominationalism resulted in much religious confusion. After several years of denominational organizations, other men determined that was not the way to please God. They set about to RESTORE the church to its original form instead of REFORMING the Catholic Church. Their basic idea was to go back to the Bible and only accept the teachings and commands found in the Bible instead of following manuals written by men. This became known as the Restoration Movement.

Sadly, there are still many divisions today among those professing to be the church of Christ. People still have the tendency to “do it my way” instead of adhering to God’s way that He established in the Scriptures.