Dec. 25. Samson’s Birth and Early Life

Judg. 13:1-14:20

After a period of righteous living, the Israelites again left God. As punishment, He had delivered them over to the Philistines for forty years.

As He had done with Sarah many years earlier, God chose another barren woman to bear a special son. The wife of Manoah of the tribe of Dan was visited by an Angel of God. She was informed that she would bear a son and that he would be a Nazirite from birth. He would be forbidden to drink wine or strong drink; eat anything unclean; shave or cut his hair.

In due time, Samson, the next judge of Israel was born. God gave him special strength through the Nazirite vow. He would begin a long task of delivering Israel from the Philistines.

Contrary to God’s law, Samson married a Philistine woman. However, He had permitted that in order to begin the deliverance of Israel. After a series of events, Samson’s father-in-law gave his daughter to another man.