Dec. 27. Micah’s Idolatry

Judg. 17:1-18:31

The Israelites had become corrupt in their lives and worship during the time that the various tribes were taking their inheritances. One such incident occurred during the time that the Danites were preparing to take their land.

After Micah had returned silver that he had stolen from his mother, she returned it to him. He then proceeded to construct various idols to be used in his worship. Micah even enlisted the services of a Levite to be his personal priest.

Meanwhile, the people of Dan sent out five men to spy out the land. They enticed Micah’s priest to leave him and bring the idols and join them. The people of that area felt secure and were unprepared to offer the necessary resistance to prevent the Danites from taking their land. Even though God had allowed the Tribe of Dan to occupy the land, they repaid Him by setting “up for themselves Micah’s carved image which he made…” That was sad about the people of God.