Dec. 3. Importance of Prayer; Role of Christian Women

I Tim. 2:1-15

Prayer, which is communion with God is an important aspect of the Christian life. Paul reminded Timothy of this as he instructed him to pray for all people. Through prayer one makes general and specific requests to God for himself and for others. It is also important to express our thanks to Him for the countless blessings that we receive from Him.

The church was under severe persecution at that time. Paul specifically instructed Timothy to pray for those who were in authority, “That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”

God wants all men to know the truth and to be saved. No one should look to idols or other men for divine intervention or salvation. Paul pointed out that man can only approach God through Christ, the only Mediator between the one God and man. It was only He who gave Himself on the cross as a ransom to save all men from their sins.

Since God does not hear sinners (those who refuse to obey His will), Paul instructed men to lift up holy (pure) hands without anger or doubts.

After Paul had instructed Timothy on how men should pray, he gave further instructions for women’s conduct in the public worship assemblies. They are to dress modestly without inviting undue attention to themselves. Their emphasis should be on their pure heart and good works.

Since Eve was created from Adam and she was the first to sin, women have been placed under subjection to men. They have an important role in teaching other women and living godly examples. They may not publicly usurp authority over a man, but like Priscilla, they may teach men privately. Women’s greatest talents and responsibilities are in childbearing, child nurturing and caring for their husbands and their homes.