Dec. 3. Various Meditations Concluded

Ps. 119:145-176

The focal point of the psalmist’s meditations is God’s everlasting word and one’s proper respect and obedience of it. As the morning dawned, he kept it on his heart. Throughout the day, he meditated upon its truth. Knowing that God was near, he also cried out for His protection from those who followed wickedness. He lamented over the lost condition of the wicked who would not seek the laws of God and His tender mercies. One may find spiritual revival through God’s word, judgments and in His lovingkindness. His word is truth.

God’s followers are persecuted many times without a cause, but they continue joyfully in their faith and trust in Him. They hurt physically and emotionally, but they have an inner peace because of the hope of their eventual salvation. A child of God will desire to teach His word to others. Even though the psalmist was faithful and obedient to God’s word, he considered himself to be as a helpless lost sheep that had gone astray. His fervent plea, “Seek Your servant, for I do not forget Your commandments.”