Dec. 30. The Church of Christ Faces Issues

Mt. 16:16-18; Jn. 17:20-23; I Cor. 1:10-13; Gal. 1:6-12; Acts 2: 36-47; Rom. 6:1-14

There are many issues that face the church as we near the end of the year 2018. One that has led to much misunderstanding in the religious world is related to referring to the church as just another denomination. The terms church of Christ, body of Christ, church of God, bride of Christ and others are all descriptive terms referring to Christ’s church. None of those terms were used as names for the church, but were used as descriptors only. The word church is never capitalized anywhere in the Scriptures.

Jesus built only one church—His church. He prayed that His disciples/followers would be united as one. The apostle Paul condemned division among the Corinthians when he pointed out that they were following men instead of Christ. He also stated to the Galatians that there is only one gospel and no one has the authority to add to nor subtract from it.

You and I may be members of Christ’s one church, but if we are not obeying the commands found in the New Covenant or if we are obeying commands not found in that Covenant, we are a part of the division that Jesus prayed against.

I lovingly urge each of US to study the Scriptures, especially Acts and learn what is necessary to do to become a Christian. If we have obeyed His commands, we are members of Christ’s one body, the church of Christ/body of Christ/church of God/bride of Christ or other scriptural term. If we have not obeyed, then we are lost and there is no other way to be saved. We must accept the gift of His blood and on His terms.

Paul stated in his letter to the Romans the importance of baptism. He showed that as we are baptized into Christ, we symbolically die to sin, are buried in baptism and rise from that grave as He did to live a new life for Him.

When one does obey, he then becomes a Christian without any other modifiers. He is not a Church of Christ Christian, Baptist Christian, Methodist Christian, Presbyterian Christian or any other kind, but simply a Christian. PLEASE PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER THIS AND OBEY TODAY!