Dec. 4. Zechariah’s Prophecies Continued

Zech. 9:1-10:12

The time that Zechariah continued his prophecies is not certain. However, he predicted the fall of great cities into the hands of a conqueror, probably Alexander the Great of Greece. Tyre was a rich and well located seaport that had overcome previous attempts to conquer them, but they also fell during that time. The Lord promised to protect Judah while her neighbors were falling. Zechariah wrote of the coming King (Messiah) who would bring salvation as He came to them riding a foal of a donkey. His kingdom would extend in all directions from sea to sea and to the ends of the earth.

God, through Zechariah promised continued blessings upon His people. He sends the refreshing showers of rain whereas idols and diviners speak lies and deliver nothing. A restoration of His people to their former lives as a nation was promised. Conversely, their enemies would be brought down.