Dec. 5. Songs of Ascent

Ps. 126:1-131:3

These words seem to have been written for the joyous occasion of the return from exile. There was much laughter and joy among the people as they praised and thanked God for their deliverance.

The psalmist pointed out the importance of depending upon God for His help in one’s life. Whether building a house for worship, a house for shelter or building a household, we need God. Children are God’s gift to man to ensure that his legacy continues. They must be taught to fear the Lord. Little children are precious to God and anyone who mistreats or murders one, whether in the womb or later in life is guilty of grievous sin. Parents should fear the Lord and set the proper examples of work, love and obedience before their children.

Israel had suffered afflictions at the hands of their enemies for many years. However, God had chosen them from the time of Abraham to be His people and had kept them from being totally destroyed. The psalmist prayed that their enemies would wither as the grass growing in shallow soil on a housetop. He also humbled himself and acknowledged his and Israel’s many sins and prayed for forgiveness, mercy and redemption from those sins. “O Israel, hope in the Lord From this time forth and forever.”