Dec. 6. Instructions from old Man to young Man

I Tim. 4:1-16

After having mentioned false teachers at the beginning of his letter, Paul warned Timothy that some Christians would be deceived into following lies. He stated that they would forbid to marry and to abstain from certain foods. There are those today who forbid to marry and command that certain foods cannot be eaten. Paul had remained unmarried, but that was his personal choice and not a command from God. He stated that all foods are to be eaten with thanksgiving. Again, one may abstain from certain foods because of personal choice, but not by commandment from God except from things strangled and not properly bled.

Timothy was instructed to preach the truth and to warn the church of the perils of following those who would deceive them with error. He was to be alert and reject any doctrine that was not from God.

Athletes exercise and train their bodies for sports events. This is important from a physical standpoint, but studying the Scriptures is far more beneficial for the spiritual side of man. Paul told Timothy to exercise toward godliness. His reward (and ours) is a fruitful life in this world and a glorious life in heaven.

One of the disadvantages of youth is that sometimes older people fail to give proper respect to the “young whippersnapper.” Paul recognized this as he instructed Timothy to, “Be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” It was necessary that he continue to study God’s word and to show by his life his worthiness of their respect.

Everyone has certain gifts or talents. These gifts will be strengthened through use and destroyed by neglect. Paul urged Timothy to continue to use his gift of ministry for the salvation of his own soul and the salvation of those who heard him.