Dec. 6. Songs of Ascent Concluded

Ps. 132:1-134:3

The psalmist presented a review of David’s intense desire to construct a permanent dwelling place for God and to return the Ark of the Covenant to its rightful place. However, he was not permitted to build the temple because of the blood that he had shed during the many wars that he was in. He did get to oversee the return of the Ark to the tabernacle before his death. God had promised him that his descendants would rule over Israel if they remained faithful to Him. David’s fleshly sons did not continue in their faith, but David’s spiritual throne of Israel in heaven is being occupied by his descendant, the Son of God after His cruel death, burial and resurrection.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!” What can be better in this world than scriptural unity and peace among all mankind? The psalmist described it as an anointing of abundant fragrant oil upon the high priest and heavy dew in a dry land. However, unity to be pleasing to God must be directed toward Him. If we properly bless the Lord, He will in turn bless us.