Dec. 9. Zophar’s Counsel

Job 11:1-20

Zophar the Naamathite was the third of Job’s friends to speak. Eliphaz and Bildad, instead of sympathizing with their friend had only added to his misery by stating that sin had caused his loss of health and wealth. Surely Zophar would be more sympathetic, but that didn’t happen. He only intensified the previous unmerciful accusations against Job. Zophar “comforted” Job by saying that he was receiving less punishment than his sins had deserved even though he had proclaimed his innocence.

Job’s friend continued by insinuating that he did not know the Lord. He described the limitless deep things of God. They are higher than heaven, deeper than Sheol, longer than the earth and wider than the sea. He is all knowing and all powerful. According to Zophar, if Job would return to God in repentance, his life would be restored—bright and beautiful. The child of God may suffer in this life, but he has the promise of a much more glorious eternal life.