Definition of Evil

Maybe you have already heard this, but I have just recently found it, and I wanted to share.
The theory goes like this: There is no darkness, really. It is simply a lack of light. For example, in a totally dark room, you can light one candle, and there is light. However, in a bright room, you cannot light one “dark” to eliminate the light.
Following this, there is really no evil…it is simply a lack of good, or God.
This goes against what I have always been taught, but, in a way it makes sense. As I look around America today, I see overwhelming evil. But where and when did it become so very bad? When we were growing up, most people at least claimed to read the Bible and believe in God. Today, we have taken the opposite path. We no longer teach Bible in our schools or allow prayer there. Even in the church, we do not study the Bible as we once did. Many of our Bible classes are more “book clubs” than Bible classes. By allowing the “removal” of God, we have made room for evil.
It is really obvious that the evil which surrounds us today in our country is a direct result of the absence of God in our daily lives. If we chose to restore God to His rightful place in our lives, much of the evil would disappear.
What say ye?