Defying the Government

With the advent of the house’s momentous passage of the health care bill, in direct opposition to the will of the people, some are now advocating defying the government by not complying with the new law and refusing to purchase health insurance. It worries me that so many are quick to jump on this wagon. Do not the scriptures teach that we are to obey our governments? I do not see in scripture anything that says we are to obey IF we agree with the laws. The only time I find in scripture where a Christian is allowed to disobey the government is if the government instructs him to do something contrary to God’s will (e.g., forbidding us to meet and worship on the Lord’s day). Last time I checked, buying health insurance isn’t against God’s will. Whether or not the government forcing us to do this is constitutional or not is another question, and one for worldly courts to decide. Until such time as the courts deem it unconstitutional, are we not required to obey this law?

What think ye?