Deliberate in thanking God. My gratitude list for today.

It was a normal day for us, pretty much, on Thanksgiving. Kids are scattered abroad, the one who lives near us was on vacation down south. We both worked, went to CrossFit, followed our regular routine. Except that in the evening, the Missus had a special meal, that one that I like so well: vegetarian shepherd’s pie, sweet-and-sour carrots, congealed layered salad. I’m more and more separated from social media, so missed all the hip-hooray of the American holiday.

But today here is Black Friday. Brazil imported it but forgot the day previous. Like much of what is imported from America, people choose the worst. And in American there is much to choose from.

So gratitude, as always, must be deliberate. And I chose to be deliberate in thanking God for these:

  • Long-time and new friends with whom and for whom we can pray.
  • Upbringing in the faith as a Christian, without denominational baggage.
  • Fruits from our labors.
  • The Good News of Jesus Christ which saves, transforms, empowers, and equips.
  • The God who created all, who loves man made in his image, who sent his Son to redeem us, who daily watches over us, who is faithful in all he does and promises, who disciplines us in our pain and suffering.
  • Health, daily bread, home, books, space to meditate and grow, family, communication, poetry, language, prayer, teeth (to bite the tongue), silence.

This is my list for today. Ask me tomorrow about a new one. To paraphrase the Lord, if one may be so bold, “Sufficient for the day is its own gratitude.”