Describe the 1-talent person in my congr…

Describe the 1-talent person in my congregation: We have a brother who is a Sgt. Major in the army, presently attending the Sgt. Major Academy here at Ft. Bliss. After completing the school, he will be moving back east for another assignment. He plans on retiring in two years from the military. He is presently working on his masters degree in business administration.

He leads the congregation in prayer before the preaching begins as well as leading in prayer at the Lord’s Table. We can always depend on this godly brother being in attendance and leading us in prayer. Since he is a leader of men himself, he has taught us a great deal about leadership, and what the characteristics of a true leader are.

When this brother finishes school in about two more months, he will depart from our midst, and we will sorely miss him.

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