Design parameters and authority

When looking through machinery manuals you occasionally see the phrase, “Do not operate outside the design parameters.” Why do manufacturers include this statement? They don’t want you to have a breakdown because you didn’t follow operating instructions.

Operate equipment within the design parameters and it’s possible to run some equipment for decades without a single problem. Ignore them and you can have a huge mess on your hands in short order.

Spiritually, sexually, mentally and morally, we were made to operate within a certain set of design parameters. These parameters were not created to stifle or punish us.

In fact, quite the opposite, they keep us safe and bring us happiness. Misuse your sexuality and grief will follow. Often for the rest of your life. Yet a man and woman who follow God’s directions for marriage will experience the marvelous intimacy and pleasure He intended.

Envy, greed, worry, even hopelessness will destroy from within, but God calls on us to do and be the opposite of each one of those things. By doing the opposite we are healed within and find a blessedness that can only be found in Him.

What does this have to do with authority? Everything. Too many people, including some Christians, whine about how restrictive the Christian life is. They seem to think God is keeping them from having fun. These people are ripe for the picking. They give into temptation because they’re not convinced the Lord has their best interests at heart. It’s so sad since the happiness they seek is found by living within the design parameters.

Our view of authority is one of the big problems in western culture. Those of us sixty-ish and under were raised in a culture that promoted civil disobedience and to some extent it carried over into our view of the authority of God.

Like it or not, God is sovereign. Accept it or not, God is holy, just, and merciful. Believe it or not, He has your best interests at heart.

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