Destroyed for lack of knowledge

Good morning. Our memory verse is Ps. 119:11. Be sure to hide this one in your heart. Remember to “be in the know” when it comes to God’s word. Our text this morning, Hosea 4:1-12 shows the danger of being ignorant of God’s word. Consider these thoughts in your home study.

Our text begins by saying God has a controversy with his people. We do not want to have a controversy with God. He is the standard and judge. He is always right. Remember last month’s slogan, “If God says it, that settles it.” This is not a controversy for debate. It is for stating God’s displeasure and pronouncing judgment. Brothers and sisters, if God has a controversy with us, we are the ones who must change. And, we must do it while there is time to repent.

  • The controversy is sin. There were all kinds of sin being committed: swearing, lying, stealing, adultery (sounds like today doesn’t it). But, the root of all this sin was the most grievous sin of all, lack of knowledge. There was no truth in the land and no knowledge of God. Brothers and sisters, God has a controversy with us when we do not study, learn and know His word. If God’s people today knew His word thoroughly, we would not have the apostasies of liberalism and anti-ism. Our people would not allow any of the leaders to take them in that direction. We would not be struggling to keep many congregations alive. We would be thriving as we carry out the commands of God’s word. Also, the conduct of the church would not look like the conduct of the world. We would have our affections set on things above.
  • Lack of knowledge keeps our conscience from being pricked by the truth. When our mind is continuously filled with the word, it helps keep us from sin. When some in the crowd on Pentecost learned that Jesus was the son of God, that knowledge “pricked their heart” and they repented before God and obeyed. Without knowledge there is nothing to prick our hearts.
  • V. 6 says that God’s people rejected knowledge. They chose not to know His will. That, my friend, is a resulting of “upbringing.” That is, the parents did not raise up their children to love the truth. We cannot tell our children the Bible is important and expect them to grow up believing that unless they grow up seeing us study it regularly and using it as our standard for worship and conduct. They must see us putting God first in our life through our knowledge of the Bible. Neglect to study and we are rejecting his will.
  • Finally, we are also told that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. It is not future tense. Their punishment in captivity was yet to come. Their destruction was present. No matter how successful we may appear to be physically, when we do not have a right relationship with God, we are destroyed. How is your relationship with God this morning?

Mike Glenn