Deteriorating houses, barns, bodies, and souls

I have been noticing lately old barns and houses that are no longer being used and how they are deteriorating. It’s sad seeing an empty house that reminds me of an aunt and uncle who used to live in a house just like it and to see it falling apart. Or to see an empty barn no longer being used that reminds me of the times I shucked corn to be taken to the mill. These things will finally fall, the area will be cleaned up, and something new and more up-to-date will stand in its place. The old will soon be forgotten as if they were never even there. If no one lives there to care for these places they will soon be gone. They have to be restored or repaired regularly to continue to be useful.

It is about like our bodies, isn’t it? If something happens to our body and we need to see a doctor, what happens if we don’t take care of the matter? Most likely we will grow worse and the problem will multiply into more than in the beginning. If we do this over and over the inevitable will soon catch up with us. Someone has said if we were to tape our arm to our body where we couldn’t move it, soon it would become useless and we would be unable to ever use it.

Now let’s compare the same thought to our soul. If we fail to feed our spiritual body regularly, what will happen? We all know that it will die. Gradually it will become easy to not think of spiritual things, to not pick up our Bible, to not pray, to not attend the services of the church faithfully. It will become easier and easier to drift farther and farther away from the Lord. And while that is happening, our bodies are growing older and weaker physically. If we don’t stop the vicious cycle we may die lost and doomed to hell.

The scriptures teach it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. As we grow older and closer to the grave each day, may we continue to repair our faults and to build up a firm foundation to carry us during the weaker times of our bodies. Let us do all the good we can, for as long as we can, and to as many as we can, and let us take care of our spiritual house always making the necessary repairs to stand the storms of life.

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