Deuteronomy 11

  1. Moses speaks, not to the children of those present, and certainly not to those who have died and gone to their reward. He speaks to those preparing to enter into the promised land. The Lord briefly describes the difference between the lands, that from which they came and that to which they enter. In order to not experience the Lord’s wrath, they need to lay up in their hearts the Lord’s words and remember all His demonstrations previous to this point. When they arrive in the land of promise they were to go to a designated spot and repeat the blessings and curses the Lord made plain to them.
  2. Application: Symbolism has its value. The symbolism of having a sign on the hand and writing on the doorposts was to keeps the substance of that symbol properly placed – in the heart. Symbolism is a part of our life, like the family trinkets that pass from one generation to another. The valuable family possessions bring to mind something about what was; the Lord wants always to keep in the forefront of our minds what is.