Deuteronomy 14

  1. In this chapter are prohibitions against certain rites and animals that can be eaten. Regarding the prohibition of certain rites, the NET has a study note that is sufficient for our purposes: “Do not cut yourselves or shave your forehead bald. These were pagan practices associated with mourning the dead; they were not be imitated by God’s people.” Why some creatures were allowed to be eaten and others not, it is truly the case that only the Lord knows. It has once been said, “It is not ours to ask, only ours to obey.” This is a proper place for this proverb.
  2. Application: We desire explanations; the notion of doing is not difficult as long as we can understand the rationale. However, it may not always be possible for us to know the rationale, will we then obey? In things pertaining to God, one had better! This may not be an adequate answer for some; it is for me. Though I, like others, seek explanations, I trust in the Lord enough to know that what He says I need to do will be that which is to and for my good.