Deuteronomy 16

  1. A reminder of the three important festivals each year. Each male will come to the Lord, and he will not come empty-handed. The three significant festivals are the feast of unleavened bread, the feast of weeks, and the feast of tabernacles.
  2. The feast of unleavened bread is associated with the Passover. On a single night the Lord delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. The unleavened bread is associated with the “hurriedness” of the occasion.
  3. The feast of weeks is also known as feast of harvest and Pentecost. Seven weeks, plus a day was counted after the feast of unleavened bread. Recognition of the Lord’s blessings given to those who have worked the ground.
  4. The feast of tabernacles (booths) is also known as the feast of ingathering. One modern translation calls it the festival of temporary shelters. “This feast was a commemoration of the wanderings of the Israelites after they left Egypt, suggesting that a translation like “temporary shelters” is more appropriate” (NET).
  5. Application: Appointed times to gather with brethren has, at the very least, two purposes: first, there is the obedience to the Lord’s will and, second, there is an encouragement of fellowship with fellow laborers. In religious circles (the Lord’s church) it seems that some are not that interested in fellowship. What a shame. There is much good that can come from such times when we gather. Those who have more “important” things to do…..I wonder why.