Deuteronomy 17

  1. The Lord would brook no compromise with those worshipping idols. If one (or more than one) was found within Israel that worshipped idols that worshipper was to pay a heavy price with his life (17:1-7). If there was a dispute that seemed to have no resolution, then the party’s to the dispute were to go to the appropriate judges (priests) and seek a remedy. Once that judgment was rendered, it was absolute. If there was to be a king in Israel, that king will adhere to the law of God. He will not think of himself more than he ought to, and he will not desire to be like the Egyptians (when they were in bondage). He will not multiply to himself horses (as a warrior) or wives. The idea behind the prohibition of wives would probably (and “probably” is the strongest word to be used) be associated in alignment with foreign entities.
  2. Application: I can see a relationship in these exhortations. First, with the Lord there is no compromise in who is to be served. Devotion to the Lord brings remedies to an otherwise complicated life. Moreover, the need for “military might” is minimized because foreign influence is none; the Lord is the only influence one needs.