Deuteronomy 19

  1. The cities of refuge are to be identified for the Israelites for when accidents occur like man-slaughter (19:1-10). However, the cities of refuge were to be no refuge for those who committed “high-handed” sins such as murder (19:11-13). Sometimes it might have been quite difficult to ascertain the truth in such situation; the Lord provided the solution. There is to be an investigation, an impartial inquiry, and then the verdict is to be rendered (19:15-21).
  2. Application: The hallmark of a just society is equality under the law. Of late I have noticed that many judges judge in accordance with their partisan ideology. Take for instance the “Obama Health Care” law. Many judges render it legal, and many of them judge it to be unconstitutional. Is our judicial system so confused that it is indeterminate? Moreover, of late, there was (is) the tragedy of injustice (as best I can tell) of a young mother enjoying the nightlife while her daughter lay dead, not telling anyone in authority about it. Add on top of all this, there are many in the legal professions that are bribed. Our moral compass is confused, and the old saying that we must lie in the bed we made has certainly arrived!