Deuteronomy 2

  1. Moses continues to bring a summary review of Israel’s history while in their wilderness journeying. The Lord used this time as a time of purging (2:14-15). Israel seeks to travel through the land peacefully, but the surrounding nations would not allow them to do so; the threat of Israel’s existence was too great for them, they felt. When they were ready to go over, the Lord put the fear and dread of Israel upon the nations to be conquered.
  2. Application: Many people in the secular world feel threatened by Christian people (even those who are nominally so). They feel threatened because the same standard of right and wrong does not exist with those who feel threatened; that is quite troubling to them. In our desire toward devotion, we ought to be sure when they oppose us, that their opposition is based on the righteous life we are living, and not something else.