Deuteronomy 22

1. Various laws: Render proper assistance (22:1-4). Sexual deviancy is prohibited (22:5). Law of conservation (22:6-8). Certain things are not to be mixed (22:9-11). Symbol to remember (22:12). Penalty for false accusation to wife (22:13-21). Penalty toward adultery (22:22-24). Justice toward rape (22:25-27). Indiscretion toward fornication (22:28-30).

2. Application: There are many things to comment on in this chapter, but I will focus on one. We have much sexual deviancy in our country. There are men who think and choose to be women; there are women who think and choose to be men. Apart from any medical abnormality, is it not a shame that some are insecure in who they are? Surely it is, and this prompts a Christian to highlight where security is to be found.