Deuteronomy 23

  1. Prohibitions to entry into the “assembly of the Lord.” This would apply to the emasculated, one born of illegitimacy, an Ammonite, Moabite, and to a lesser degree, and Edomite (23:1-8). The field army is to maintain “cleanness” in ritual and ordinary matters (23:9-14).  The proper response to a foreign runaway slave (23:15-16). The prohibition of cult prostitution and refusal to accept money from that trade for the Lord’s house (23:17-18). Propriety on matters in regard to charging interest (23:19-20). Propriety with regard to fulfilling vows (23:21-23). Regulations pertaining to the Israelite traveler (within Israel) and eating (23:24-25).
  2. Application: Uncleanness in the camp, is that every a problem in the local church? It appears that many so-called Christians regard being in the Lord’s presence as a mundane matter. For some it is not any more important than if one was at home interacting (entertaining) family members. Of course, this may be a bit harsh in making the association – but it sure seems that way on occasion! When the saints gather to worship the Lord, all attention by the individual is to be directed toward the Lord. In such circumstance, if there is ever any “uncleanness,” surely half of it (if not all) would be removed. A lesson for us: uncleanness for us today is not a ritual matter. It is a matter of the heart. Let us not be distracted by noise, commotion, or anything else that might easily distract us, but let us be attracted and “zeroed in” on the Lord.