Deuteronomy 24

  1. Prohibition to uncleanness in marriage (24:1-4). Propriety with regard to: newly married couple, what can be used as collateral in regard to loans, kidnapping, and leprosy (24:5-13).  Propriety with regard to paying laborers, justice, and rendering help to the poor (24:14-22).
  2. Application: In a country like our own it might be difficult to understand why some people are poor. Is it because they are lazy? Perhaps. Is it because they had unfortunate circumstances? Perhaps. Is it because they refused (or had refused to them) education? Perhaps. Whatever the reason might be, there is a spirit to be within the Christian about assisting them. That assistance, however, is not to placate or to perpetuate a sinful behavior. The assistance is to render in regard to need. The need may be for the moment or the long term. It might be easy for one to judge harshly, but let that one be careful in that judgment lest you find yourself in a similar circumstance and have one judge you the same.