Deuteronomy 25

  1. Judicial punishment implemented with some limitation (25:1-3, 11-12). Propriety to supporting one who labors (25:4). Guidelines surrounding the Levirate marriage (25:5-10). Stopping a fight (25:11-12). Honest in business transactions (25:13-16). The Lord’s judgment of the Amalekites (25:17-19).
  2. Application: Fighting in a fair sort of way seems kind of odd to me. To even feel as if one needs to fight suggest that something unseemly has been done by someone. How can it be proper for one who is godly to ever fight with another in anything? Of course, to ask is to answer. However, given that we know the nature of man we also know it is going to happen that disagreements arise, and those disagreements that arise might result in an exchange of words. In one way we might say this is a “fight.” How should we conduct ourselves in such circumstances? The only right answer – as best I can tell – is found in Matthew 7:12. Since this is the case then let us be sure that we are guided by this godly principle in all that we do.