Deuteronomy 27

  1. After entering the land a monument will be set up with the words of the Law of Moses (27:1-10). At Mount Gerizim the nation will be divided into two; six tribes on one side and six tribes on the other side. The Israelites will call out particular “curses” for those guilty of the Lord’s will, and the people will respond accordingly (27:11-26).
  2. Application: Some people are quick to dismiss symbolism; a symbol stands for something. Symbolism, however, can have a positive associated with it, such as we read in this chapter. However, the symbolism is to no effect if there is no adherence to the symbols demands. Take for instance the elements of the Lord’s Supper. The symbols have great meaning, but if one lives a life that is not sanctified, the particular meaning of that symbol will actually be damning!