Deuteronomy 29

  1. Moses calls the Israelites together and rehearses for them, in brief, their traveling history. Bringing to the forefront of their minds that which the Lord did for them, but also giving them warning concerning what the Lord will do if they turn back.
  2. Application: Note that prosperity was directly correlated to obedience to the Law of Moses (29:9). Note, also, that those who follow their own dictates (29:19) will surely have nothing from the Lord. Those things that have been revealed, it is those things that direct one toward prosperity (29:29). With these three points before us, let us consider and remember that “legalism” is NOT a matter of obedience, or even exact obedience (if there is such a delineated concept) to the Lord’s will (regardless of covenant lived under); it is a matter of one’s heart in response that the Lord’s will. In other words, if one were to fail to apply 10:12-13 (in total), and only apply outward obedience – that would be legalism. The “outward obedience” is merely a form of righteousness, not the substance of it.