Deuteronomy 30

  1. Just as C-28 had much in the way of a serious warning for disobedience (also in C-29), the Lord encourages the Israelites to reflect on what good the Lord will do for them in their obedience (30:1-10). As man reflects upon how he can know whether he is doing right or not, the Lord reassures that it is not as difficult as one might think (30:11-14).  In fact, before man (the Israelite) is a path; a path that has a fork in the road, for those who desire life, the path is clearly laid out (30:15-20).
  2. Application: The path is clearly laid out for us also. Jesus said that He is the way the life and the truth; no man can go to the Father except by Him (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). The path is clearly laid out for us to walk, a path that has been walked by the One who died for us. Those things in life that we value will not be parted with; perhaps we ought to ask ourselves what it is that we value. While people don’t willingly choose to die a spiritual death (that is, if they are of a rational mind), they most certainly choose willingly what they want in life and this can, very much, slip them right into the realm they wouldn’t otherwise choose. Sometimes it is like sitting in the chair and, without paying much attention, they drift off to sleep.