Deuteronomy 31

  1. Moses’ final words of exhortation; words of exhortation from a seasoned man and prophet of God (31:1-8). Having delivered the Law to the Levites, he exhorts them to be sure this is read every seventh year during the Feast of Tabernacles (31:9-13). The Lord commissions Joshua and tells Moses that with all the preparation He made to bring the children of Israel to this point in their history, all that work will be discarded because the people desire to be like other nations (31:14-21). Having written a song as a reminder and witness to and against Israel, Moses calls the leaders of the nation to him to give them this song.
  2. Application: It has been said time and again that apostasy is only one generation away. Surely this is true. It was true in Moses’ day, and it is true in our day. Thus, each parent has a tremendous responsibility to teach and impress upon the children the Lord’s way of righteousness. It is futility for one parent (or the parents) to say that “I don’t want to force religion down my child’s throat.” This is poppycock because the reason for this sentiment is related to the value of the parent who expresses it.  There is value in hygiene, isn’t there? What will hygiene get you in eternity!