Deuteronomy 32

  1. God’s way is perfect (32:1-4). Foolish and unwise people don’t properly reflect on His law (32:5-9). The Lord “found” Israel alone in the desert (32:10-14). Israel’s response to the Lord’s love (32:15-18). The Lord’s response to Israel’s actions (32:19-27). The Lord’s lament at the lack of wisdom exhibited in Israel (32:28-33). In Israel’s wisdom they will come to despair (32:34-38). There is no one like the Lord (32:39-43). Moses exhorts Israel to hold on to these words that he spoke (32:44-47). The Lord allows Moses to see the land he could not enter (32:48-52).
  2. Application: One can only imagine the heartache Moses experienced when the Lord told him he could not enter into the land of promise. Moses’ heartache, however, was only because he knew of life because this is all he had any experience with; he had no understanding of that which the Lord prepared for him. It is that way with us also. We long for the scenery that we imagine in our mind – scenery on this earth that is plush beyond comparison. No matter how plush we seem to make it, how can it prepare to anything the Lord has Himself prepared for us?