Deuteronomy 33

  1. The following remarks (or the general substance of the remarks) are from J.A. Thompson. This is considered a poem, and it commences with the Lord’s majesty (33:2-5), followed by a lengthy section of blessings to the various tribes (33:6-25). “The poem closes with a section of praise to Yahweh accompanied by reflections on the favour bestowed on Israel” (33:26-29).
  2. Application: In 33:8-11, Moses praises the tribe of Levi and the High Priest dedication to the Lord. The importance of that is in how the physical family is “relegated” to an inferior status. This may sound unseemly at first, but it must be pointed out that when one puts the Lord first, nothing but good and loving will be rendered toward the family – that’s the way the Lord set it up. It is generally not seen this way because, with some, the family member is to take priority. “Blood is thicker than water,” we are told. True enough in the literal sense, but when it comes to spiritual matters the Lord lifeline is always first and there is no time for Him to be second.