Deuteronomy 5

  1. The ten commandments are revealed all over again in this chapter. Also given their response to the Lord’s voice when He spoke to them. It was amazing, they thought, that the Lord would speak to them from heaven and that they would still be alive. But this went to show them that the Lord was not interested in destroying, but saving.
  2. Application: The ten commandments are a record to a people that has influenced this country beyond measure. Today we have monuments hanging on a wall that depict the “ten words” or monuments set in stone outside of both public and non-public buildings. How can one look at these commands and resist them to any degree? I will tell you. It appears that reasons for resistance allow one to justify a hedonistic approach to life. “Hedonistic” is a word that means, practically, “I will do what I want to do, and I don’t need you or want you to say anything to me to the contrary!” Another reason there is resistance to these words will be its religious flavor. “There is too much religion in these words and since our constitution speaks of a separation of church and state we can’t have them.” Of course, it is a surprise to the one expressing this opinion that there is NOTHING in the constitution that even uses the phrase “church and state”, much less speaks of it. Another reason is a theological approach. The value of these laws for society is without dispute, but as a law to (and for) a religious society (as a code) it has been done away with by a better and higher law – this is the New Testament.