Deuteronomy 6

  1. Moses just reminded them of the words revealed on Mount Sinai (C-5), and now he reminds them that these words are not a code only to be observed, but a life to be lived from the heart (6:1-9). If the laws of God are in the heart, then when they arrive in the land, this will help them to hold on to the very real idea that it was not their own doing that brought them into the land and helped them conquer the people, but it was the Lord’s doing and without Him they would have nothing (6:10-15). So important these words from the Lord are that each father is to teach them to his son (6:20-25).
  2. Application: Be sure not to tell our “grace only” proponents what the Lord said in 6:25; if they see this they might declare the Lord as a legalist! The ridiculous theology of those who relegate the Old Testament as a legalistic covenant fail to understand, properly, the nature of God and His will. Legalism is an attitude of mind that looks upon doing a command of God (or commands of God) as that form of righteousness apart from the heart’s motivation in pleasing the Almighty. We don’t want to be guilty of legalism.