Deuteronomy 7

  1. Israel was given the Lord’s commands and told to live by them from the heart as they express their outward obedience to the Lord. Now he prepares them to go into the land given them and to have no mercy on those who stand to fight and resist (7:2, 16). The peoples of the land, it must not be forgotten, are people that engaged in evil practices (9:4). The Lord purged that land and resettled it with holy people (7:6).
  2. Application: It might seem tough to wrap one’s arms around the Lord’s purging exercise, especially when thought is given to the concept of no mercy to be rendered. It must be remembered, however, that the Lord is the only One in position to know what is best for the circumstance (or any circumstances). We might have a difficult time getting our arms around it, but will we make it more difficult for us failing to get our arms around the Lord’s will?