Deuteronomy 8

  1. The Lord’s commands are for man’s good. In order to remind them of this, the Lord brought to memory their experience in the desert when He humbled them, allowing them to go hungry. This helped them to understand that man’s existence is not in physical food, food that sustains the body. Man’s existence is in the One who provides that food – God. Thus, it is imperative that man hears His word (8:1-10). The Lord, however, knows the “inclinations of man’s heart,” and that he is prone to forgetfulness, even willing forgetfulness! Thus, another warning is given to him from the Lord (8:11-20).
  2. Application: I have never been able to relate to a remark made by brethren when one presides at the Lord’s Supper. Something like this will be said: “The Lord knows that we are forgetful people; we participate each week so we do not forget.” I understand the motivation behind the remarks and can even agree with it. However, I have never failed to remember the Lord’s purpose when He came to this earth, and His subsequent death and resurrection. Reading this chapter, I will think again about trying to relate to the remark.