Deuteronomy 9

  1. It is not because of Israel’s righteousness that they are able to possess the land, but it is because of whom the Lord is and that He wants to purge the land of the existing wickedness (9:1-6). Again, Moses keeps in the forefront of each Israelite their history, and the rebellion associated with their history. This goes to point out a couple of things: the Lord is faithful to His promise to Abraham and the Lord’s mercy to a rebellious people (9:7-29).
  2. Application: The two notable lessons above are followed by a third: the prayer of a righteous man avail much. Moses was a righteous man, and if it were not for that (for the Lord declared him such), there is no way the Lord would have done but that which He said He would do (9:13-14). How often it is (or might have been) that we have been spared or helped because of the prayer of a righteous one. Let us thank the Lord for those prayers.