Diane Grantham leads Bible study at nursing home

“She goes about doing good,” could easily be said about Diane Grantham, a member of the Geneva church.

Residents at the local nursing home know and love Diane because she visits regularly. Always with a smile and a kind word, she does go about doing good. Often she will pick up some nice gift with a certain resident in mind. She gets great pleasure from making one of her beloved friends smile.

Recently one of the patients at the Geneva Nursing Home suggested to Diane that she should teach a ladies Bible class at the home. With her positive attitude, and love of teaching, she took the necessary steps to secure a time slot on the monthly calendar. She was given one Monday night a month. Recently she taught her first class with a total of six in attendance.

Diane taught the gospel to one of the female residents recently. Due to her size and being an amputee, she was baptized in a local swimming pool in her wheelchair. Diane’s love for the Lord is ever shining in all walks of her life. May her example encourage others to go and do likewise.

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