Did I tell you about my grandbaby?

Let’s start with personal item (aren’t they all?): The second grandchild, says today’s ultrasound, is a boy. Due to drop in around June 21. Big sister Eden, age 1+, didn’t seem so keen on it. She confided to me that she’d been hoping for a baby sister to play with. But mom and pop, and Auntie L., vovô and vovó are happy. Please say a prayer, since there are a couple of health concerns, blood pressure, things like that.

• Today’s Bible (NT) reading is James 1. Have you seen the chiastic structure for the letter I posted some time back? Considering most commentators despair of finding any sensible outline to the letter, this represents real possibilities.

• Rick Kelley’s mom’s kidney transplant is on-again, off-again. Keep praying for his mom and his sister who’s donating the kidney.

• I watched “National Treasure” again with The Missus and The Maiden the other night. It’s very dated. The main character was searching the Internet on Yahoo rather than Google.

• We chomped down on more of The Missus’s homemade sausage tonight. Good stuff. Brazil doesn’t have the breakfast sausage like you get in the US. Just as well, but we certainly enjoyed her special treat.

• Lessee, let’s scare up a little ditty to finish up with.

Malicious hands abuse, molest,
A hug can end in your arrest;
The world sees either too little, too much,
But Jesus has the healing touch.

• Oh, have you checked The Christian Hub lately? Great stuff going through there, all the time.

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