Divine Pattern

The church in the New Testament, though, does not allow us to accept or reject issues and doctrines as we like. In fact, it calls upon us to accept the Lord and His way since He is the Author of eternal salvation. “Think of it – a DIVINE church. To many people, especially those who have been disappointed by a church member, the church is anything but a divine institution. However, let us pause for reflection. When we talk about the church in the Bible we are talking about a pattern or an ideal – yea, a pattern or an ideal for our reproduction. This is almost axiomatic for since the Bible is a DIVINE book anything within would be of divine origin. But, wait just a minute! IF THERE IS A DIVINE PATTERN FOR ME TO FOLLOW, AM I NOT MORE THAN PRESUMPTUOUS TO FOLLOW ANYTHING ELSE? What would it mean for me to fabricate my own pattern and call men to follow it when all the while there is a divine pattern awaiting my use?” (Don Dewelt, The Church in the Bible, p. 18).

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