Divorce after 40+ years of marriage

Yes, you read that correctly. I still can’t hardly believe it myself. A couple I know (though not well) divorced recently after being together two-thirds of their lives. He initiated the divorce saying that he hadn’t been happy for a long time; she claims to still love him. Both have obviously failed to consider the other as better than themselves (and evidently this has gone on for years).

It made me stop and think: Could that happen to any couple? I suppose so. If one leaves their first love mentally, the body will often eventually leave too, I suppose. It’s certainly this way regarding one’s relationship with the Lord. Once a Christian no longer loves the Lord with all His mind, he will drift away in time.

Dear friends, may we always seek to renew our commitment to the Lord and to our mates! What is strong today will not be so tomorrow if we fall into neglect.

#divorce, #drifting