Do Bible things in Bible ways …

“Do Bible things in Bible ways”.

“Why don’t you folks have an organ. You surely can afford it.” That was the question I was asked by a university student that had been attending our services. The fact is some churches of Christ have added an instrument in their worship and a branch of our conservative restoration brethren have used one for years. To some it seems a making a molehill into a mountain. But to explain it simply it follows the slogan that stands at the top of this post. I believe Bible things ought to be done in Bible ways. There is no safer course! When we realize that apostolic supervision ordered the NT church practices and that such respect was given to their direction that the scripture describes brethren as “fearing” the apostles (Acts 2:42, 43 & 5:12, 13), then doing Bible (NT) things in Bible (NT) ways makes perfectly good sense. In the NT assembly worship was always singing without accompaniment. Why not be satisfied with doing it the way they did it in the NT? Who is right and who is wrong? That is not my call; the Lord will settle such things. But I know what the scripture reports and am confident that if I do what the early Christians did, I will be pleasing to God.

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