Do Not Fear!

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

The Lord will fight for you, and you can be still. Exodus 14.14

After leaving Egypt boldly, the Israelites are terrified. They are at the edge of the Red Sea watching Pharoah’s army overtake them. They cry out to Moses, blaming him for the situation in which they find themselves, fearful that they are about to die in the desert.

How does Moses respond? He tells them not to fear, to stand firm, and to watch the Lord save them from Egypt, Exodus 14.13.

How does the Lord respond? Basically he tells Moses and the people to quit crying and to move forward. Moses parts the Red Sea. The Israelites walk through the middle of it, not through mud, but on dry ground. Then, in the morning watch, he threw the Egyptian army into a panic by jamming the wheels of their chariots, Exodus 14.25. They wanted to flee for they recognized that the Lord was fighting for the Israelites! After extending his hand toward the sea, Moses watched as the waters returned to their normal place, covering the army of Pharoah, which was completely destroyed.

Fear can be debilitating. It can stop us where we stand and cause us to freeze, unable to even breathe properly. In fearful times, we need to remember Moses’ words to the Israelites. Do not fear! Stand firm! Watch for God’s salvation! He will fight for you!

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