Do not settle for less

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

At times you were publicly exposed to abuse and afflictions, and at other times you came to share with others who were treated in that way. For in fact you shared the sufferings of those in prison, and you accepted the confiscation of your belongings with joy, because you knew that you certainly had a better and lasting possession. So do not throw away your confidence, because it has great reward. Hebrews 10.33-35

The writer of Hebrews is unknown. It is a letter written to Jewish Christians that are considering abandoning the faith. One of the main themes in the letter is the superiority of Christ. Christ is superior to angels and to Moses. He is also a superior high priest!

With everything being superior regarding Christ, do not settle for less. It is so important not to give up in the midst of troubled times and persecution, at times suffering abuse yourself or helping others who have been treated badly. Hold on to the hope that you have been given through faith in Jesus, thinking of others and how you can encourage them to continue strong in the faith. We are in this together. You are not alone. That is why it is so important to meet with other Christians to participate in the Lord’s Supper. It brings to mind: who you were, who you are, and where you are headed.

You are just passing through this world. Where you are headed is far superior to the here and now. So dig in and stand your ground. Do not let the difficulties of this life erode your confidence. You need endurance to do God’s will. But, the reward will make it worth it all!

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