Do the numbers betray us?

Since Google killed its RSS Reader, I’ve not found one that really satisfies. Lately, I’ve been using the one that WordPress offers, and it’s satisfactory. Yesterday, I tried Sputnik, and, though the name doesn’t please, visually it’s the best so far. Let’s see if it has what it takes.

An RSS reader helps one to follow sites and blogs through the feed. I use them to keep up with many sites of various types: news, opinion, Bible and church.

You may have your own method of keeping up with different sites that you like.

So here are a couple of questions, with that background. How many sites do you follow on a regular basis? (Regular might mean once a week or month.) Two, how many of those sites have to do mainly or exclusively with prayer?

I noticed my category on prayer was smaller. Given, most of the other categories are broader: Bible, church, news, but still, on prayer I had fewer.

Is your experience similar? If so, do those small numbers betray us?